Women working offshore

While nowadays it is wide common the presence of female professionals in most of the industrial sectors, the offshore seems to be still an unconquered field, with a considerable gender gap. Knowing this and realizing how the lack of references and mentors works against the incorporation of women to this sector, Ally Cedeno, currently senior dynamic positioning operator (DPO), founded in 2017 www.womenoffshore.org, an online organization that supports a diverse workforce on the water.

What started as a virtual meeting point for women working offshore, with the aim to highlight the presence of female professionals in this sector, has become an online resource center with information, tips for the offshore life, research articles and a wide range of posts available for free.

Many of the articles deal with h&s issues, pointing out how extremely important is this in the offshore sector and the evidence that there is still a long way ahead. Don’t miss this webpage!

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