Spreading the SHIELD project

On 19th June took place at the Universitat Politècnica de València (Valencia, Spain) a multiplier event (ME) of the SHIELD project. The session, entitled as the project and organized by I-Box, had participants from the training and learning sectors, as well as researchers focused on the offshore sector. Participants could enjoy as well talks given by the project’s partners where it was highlighted the current situation of Health&Safety policies and regulation of the Offshore sector in Romania, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain.

In the session, there were also researchers from the projects MAESTRALE -Sustainable Blue Energy in the Mediterranean and PELAGOS, both projects funded by the EU program INTERREG-MED.

PELAGOS’ aim is to establish a permanent Cluster of national HUBs in the Blue Energy  sector and  the MAESTRALE Project aims to lay the foundations for a strategy for the deployment of maritime energy in the Mediterranean area.


Previous to this event, there has been two more ME of the SHIELD project, the first one in Romania and the second one in the Netherlands, each session was organized by the local partners of the project: ACTA Center (RO) and Stichting PRIME (NL).


Pictures: Multiplier Events in Spain (left) and Romania (right)

Next events of the SHIELD project:

– ME in Ponte de Lima (Portugal), on 4th September, organized by PREVIFORM, more info here!

– ME in Limassol (Cyprus), on 25th September and organized by SHIPCON.










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