Pilot training on PREVENTION OF LABOR RISKS in the OFFSHORE sector

Within the framework of the SHIELD Project, the consortium organizes a pilot training course on Labour Risk Prevention in the offshore sector.

The course develops the basic content for workers, LRP professionals, mutual insurance companies, etc. interested on training in Health and Safety at sea. The course will be in Den Helder (The Netherlands) in 2019 (the dates will be specified shortly) and will last for 8 days (+ 2 days for travelling). Both, the course and travel expenses are covered by the SHIELD project (up to an established maximum per participant).

The attendees will obtain the EUROPASS diploma, in which the training content is accredited. EUROPASS is a valid document to demonstrate in all EU countries, that a training on a specific topic has been received.

The course will have a total of 20 participants from the 5 different countries of project partners (Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands and Romania) and will be the pilot program for the main outcome of the SHIELD Project: the e-learning platform for a MOOC course devoted to H&S Offshore Construction for those countries where local/national regulations have not include the specifity of Offshore in their H&S planings. The project aims as well to recognise this training through ECVET certification, and to create a Curriculum and a common profile so to allow EU Mobility.

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