SHIELD – Development of a VET Training Program to upgrade the Skills on Health and Safety Risks for Offshore Construction Workers is a European project (number: 2017-1-CY01-KA202-026782) funded under the Erasmus+ programme (Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships), and developed between the 01/09/2017 and the 30/08/2019.

The main aim of the SHIELD project is to improve the Skill and Ability level of the Offshore Construction workers in Europe, especially those from South and Eastern countries, by providing basic knowledge about specific Health&Safety to VET stakeholders through an innovative and open digital training toolbox.

SHIELD objectives are:

  1. To develop a European qualification of the European Expert in Basic H&S Offshore Construction with certification at ECVET level
  2. To establish and pilot a Strategic Partnership comprising training institutions, industry and consultancies in the Offshore Industry
  3. To determine common basic professional skills of the H&S sector at EU level for the Offshore Construction industry
  4. To develop a basic common training program based on industry requirements
  5. To presence train 16 H&S Offshore Trainers according to a common develop training program and 24 trainers through the MOOC platform
  6. To test and validate the training

SHIELD’s expected results

SHIELD will produce an e-learning platform for a MOOC course devoted to H&S Offshore Construction for those countries where local/national regulations have not include the specifity of Offshore in their H&S planings. The project aims as well to recognise this training through ECVET certification, and so we envisage to create a Curriculum and a common profile so to allow EU Mobility.

Envisaged Impact

We expect an impact in the target groups addressed:

  • Companies, in particular Offshore Construction and relevant key staff in those industries, e.g. workers, foremen, engineers. Construction workers with no experience on Offshore Works who are willing to enhance their knowledge and skills as they are interested on Internationalization.
  • Other stakeholders: VET providers, chambers of commerce and industry, industrial associations, foundations relating to Offshore Construction, etc. Professional H&S trainers from Southern EU countries with not or few experience .
  • The impact is also expected in local and national construction associations, chambers of commerce, trade unions and national Technology Platforms. The courses are market relevant and can be implemented in their training courses portfolio.

We expect an impact of about 1817 direct people and more than 5.000 from the dissemination social media channels (project website, leaflets, partner´s newsletters, etc).