Shipcon Limassol Limited

ShipCon Limassol Ltd. is a dynamic and fast growing company with emphasis on EU research funded projects and vocational and education training (VET).

ShipCon strength lies on the expertise of its core team and the partnership with multi-national associates from all over Europe and beyond. With its Main Headquarters in Cyprus, ShipCon is strategically located in the crossroads of three continents, where specific economy sectors and activities have their own dynamic prospects for development, such as energy, environment and transport services. It is important to mention that ShipCon has been selected for inclusion in the 2015-16 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM.

ShipCon has a long tradition in developing EU research proposals and building successfully bidding consortia for EU funding in a wide range of thematic fields. Part of our success is due to the large network of quality & trusted partners, both in industry as well as in academia that ShipCon maintains at regional and International level.

I-Box Create S.L.

I-Box Create is a Spanish SME company from Valencia (Spain) created in 2013 and specialized in Strategic Innovation Management for the Construction and Renewable Energies sectors.

The company arises as a result from the extensive staff experience on R&D and Training EU projects developed for +15 years. I-Box staff has worked in more than 50 regional, national or European innovation projects. We currently work in H2020, MINECO and ERASMUS+ approved own projects and we have achieved the INNOVATE LABEL from the Spanish Ministry. This experience provides I-Box client´s with the highest quality.

The company operates in all the necessary lifecycle activities of innovation: technological surveillance, identifying opportunities, internal and external consulting, creative process, lobbying and intermediary between research organizations and entities, preparation of proposals, monitoring and justification, technology transfer activities, training and tax deductions.

Previform - Laboratório, Formação, Higiene e Segurança no Trabalho, Lda

PREVIFORM has a wide range of experience in the area of adult training in almost all modalities, as well as a vast experience in providing consulting in areas that specialize in Occupational Safety, Food Safety and Hygiene field and Nutrition. The company is continually searching for the best investments and strategies to increase their human and technical resources, with expertise in the area of Occupational Health and Safety and Health at Food.. Thus, the company intends to respond with efficiency and high quality to the needs of their customers.

PREVIFORM provides vocational training at various European levels II, III, V. Currently these levels of training are offered through the following modalities: Certified Training; Continuous Training; Specialized Technological Training Courses.

Stichting Project Realisatie van Initiatieven door Modulatie van Entrepreneurschap

PRIME is a Foundation working in the field of Entrepreneurship offering a new approach better suited for dealing with the accelerating pressures for growth and innovation faced by so many organizations today. It supports change makers and social innovators and provides training in several methodologies such as design thinking. It develops training program tailored for the VET/ADULT educational sector inlcuding KA1 Staff Mobilities. PRIME has been working mainly as external expert for different European projects in Turkey, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany. It has been cooperating in different governement for redesign public services.

PRIME is located in Kop van Noord-Holland (northern part of the Netherlands) in the province North Holland, about ¾ hour drive from Amsterdam where most of the training for the off-shore industry including welding and drilling in off-shore platforms are carried in cooperation with different organisations. PRIME provides safety training to construction and maintenance staff on offshore wind farms. Courses have been developed in consultation with leading companies in the offshore wind sector. The courses fully comply with the most recent guidelines and training standards. PRIME has access to excellent equipped training facilities.

Asociatia Centrul European pentru Integrare Socioprofesionala ACTA

The European Centre for Socio-professional Integration ACTA (AbilitiesCareerTrainingAttitude) promotes the educational activities, professional and social skills development of young people and adults in order to be able to adapt and to integrate effectively in a dynamic society. We are also committed to social integration and give equal opportunities to vocational skills learning for the most disadvantaged groups of people (those with special educational needs, social problems, and those with a high risk of social exclusion).

ACTA aims to contribute to the economic and civic growth of individuals, through lifelong education and to draw attention to the importance of supporting the integration of disadvantaged and ethnic groups. These people have benefited from career counselling, personal and professional development in accordance with the current requirements of the labour market.